October 31, 2019

State of the Enterprise 2018-2019 / On Tech and Creation Blocks

This was originally the posting of a personal account on audio production many months ago. This felt like the best candidate for merging with a new status update on Harney-Barrow. But this is not a clean cut post like the previous ones.

An old wash of paints. Suspect it's from 2018.

Ancient doodle.
During the last financial quarter of 2018, I had purchased a sizable swath of new equipment. Among the pieces bought included a brand new 4-in/4-out audio interface, a multi-effects stompbox, a thrift store bass amp. Even a 'new' (pre-owned) acoustic guitar. Purchased a pre-owned office computer to set a new general-purpose workstation.

I have made less than 10 minutes of professionally recorded audio ever since that point in time has passed. This is not good. Before buying this new interface and effects pedal, I was able to generate new audio files every week, whether it be an impromptu acoustic jamming or an old Yamaha "practice piano". I made a compilation album that was over two hours long.
What happened?
Really, probably Linux killed it.
The Harney-Barrow music project that began in 2014 had always been intertwined with the GNU/Linux operating system from the start. But I had always stuck with using Audacity, even to this very day.

In a way, one can see this formation of creative block I haven't encountered. Or is this a case of burnout? After all, my attitude on the case of 'power user' usage and subjects such as the command line ecosystem has been demonstrably soured after years of everyday use. My enjoyment of computer technology has long since dried up several years ago. Didn't need to get a job in it to smother my few remaining hobbies.
Quick and dirty play with printer ink.

H-B website must transfer the old site onto something more stable, now that hosting has priced up again. The exercises have returned but the mental blocks are strong. This year of absence has left further regression to come back. The Harney-Barrow brand will not die like this. Not in continuous effort deficiencies.

Another scribble of older quality.

Thank you for reading.

October 30, 2019

Memorializer and Five Notes For The Eastern


More notes were taken. Due to the shorter periods these were in the long-term, do not expect much in the terms of in-depth notes or reflection. I am not a professional theorist or even a known 'opinion haver' or 'funnyman', but some random person online only mere kilobytes of data can recall pieces of my handles online. Not to take down my real world handlers, but these typings feel more of a mental-emotional need than anything else. Now then.


On the third Friday on the month of April, comes the remembrance on the death of Jesus Christ. This year's was on the 19th. Nisan 14 more like Nissan Silvia S14 haha owned by pontiac pilate

As with every year I am invited with the rest of my nuclear family to observe Christ's death. But it must be kept in the mind that my closest family members are all Jehovah's Witnesses. To say that I "have some reservations" about it after being raised to be one would be quite an understatement.



Back in the hall. But not just the hall but the convention room from just on the fringes of the region. I just need money, man. They may have Jesus stickers but lose their voice yelling at other cars. The space that the organization has rented out. (The general space where hundreds of elderly brothers and sisters sit together on folded chairs for eight hours.)
Thank you, I now understand not trust The heart. The heart jumping at the husband beating their wife, servile hours will surely solve the entirety. wtf is love k idk l o ove is a thing "we are all chipped"
AKA U dont appreciate the lvl of

Who that Has no not Seen Who Has Not Scene

1: Selll Settle Differences. Quickly (SDQ 2019)
2: Love What We See (about peo people).
3: Provide Practical experience To Brothers& sisters. Motivators Influencers
Look @ ur brothers creativity is the love of god and each fill things therefore therefore are gay ghey. "What kinda food u want?"



uhhIll have a chicken wrap have u guys got some ranch?

Semantics discussion on how the word 'cherish'
How 2 deal w/ older ppl: sister in Sri Lanka
"How can yo I will not let a child teach me my beliefs"
"i didn't come to teach but to share'
The interviews are back from 2 hours to noon. Reel Life put a wet damper on the aspect of patience. ' 'u will nevr 4give him 4 offending' no'
My mind is flying past whatever the german/swedish/some king of European accent.
(Colossians 3:13; Romans 14:10) Ex-cuses buses. cluses nuses. muses. puses.

Love 2 and 345 love 6, okay
avoiding resentment I condemning wrongdoing though? Accountability is a personall necessity for the human experience.
F This is less of the judicial states but on (Hebrews 10:39) the internal and social self. Otherwise all are merely
Yeah I was taught JW words but they were before the "New Light". Okay.



"please shut the f**k up; it means nothing to me"
- asia hapa mam incel man

The Jews of histories past pressured early Christians that was bad. Our brotherly organization will never mount to that. Not at all.

'its okay to hit a road bump' but the road bump is shaped like wide triangular prisms sharpened by hours fo of fred & file work.  6200+4000-3000 281.56 yeah
>brother Maddox
     (PSs. 148:13)

This is a group that believes in theirir oppression.
If this were in Rwanda or Russia or South Korea, I would agree. But this is the US of A. Internal U.S. actions are at most only on the level of 'fursecution'.
Today's education systems have sanitized the individual religious beliefs. Small clusters of kids can pray in a group without trouble.
No Zero theology is taught at all.
Here are the calls for 'donations':



Questions asked to a child and then responded with strong sibilance and muddied bass frequencies. There is an ever present level or quantity of fred feedbacking.
Music piped through the PA st system has an undeniable quality of a boomin boombox.
There is no sound isolation in this giant room.
Only the steel beams and general supports that grab the sound, continuously bounce through aron and around. The echoes march on until they dissipate. (Rom. 12:11) 3:12

>"if they were good people they would serve Jehovah" every single time. I didn't even make that quote up. Aa And this was just an off-hand comment, that it's merely a matter of fact. To not be contended with?
OH BOY it's more 'happy poor man' pep talk
Fir Hm I wonder why disfellowshipping works and functions.
This is likely a near identical practice of other churches. Are Jehovah's Witnesses truly "not like other evangelicals"? are the base, foundational doctrine and beliefs so far detached from every thing else? Well, I don't think so for now.


V (the same words & video files again on repeat.)

690 attendees

   This time yet again. The time of the season of the yearly quarters. What 'spiritual nutrition' was achieved? Again, it is the same words again. May be a brother made an req somewhat original observation on (teh) the stage & podium. Now everyone is impressed & blown away that their Sunday-Thursday talks will now in clud ([hazard]) include this same observation & metaphor against the US.
It never stops.
      The father was chatting with a lady out on the highway. Isolate temperatures & small stations. The temperature was approximately in the high 20s to low 30s of Farenheit. Don't know Metric conversions. Now, while father was chatting withe her on flagging for asphalt, withe repairs likely for cheap sealing. I was busy reading during this time. I don't tend to read  carelessness in this perspective, but the vehicle was still for this short period in time. On my phone was a blog post cached offline. It is (or was) run by a man in the Appalachias on political theory. It was a poet from 2016, likely resulted in the election form from this same year. He recounted from where (he ban to nick land sino recorder. He recounds the recommended Electron with DEAD,DEAD, DEAA,DEA BOLKA)  he began to the then-present. END END END END END END END END END END END END END END END END


Thank you for reading.

July 13, 2019

My Short Experience As An Anime Avatar

In the late days in the month of 2018's August, a server that I was a regular of hosted a challenge.
The challenge was to change your avatar on all social media places to an anime avatar.
It seemed simple, pick something I had mild enjoyment in

Until I found the latest tweets of Lil B The Based God, showing two very rare and based selfie portraits . This demanded for me to take a photo, to incorporate a part of it as my own. Lil B is anime, and BasedGod accepted this ideal in whole.

It took a mere 3 days until I received pushback, from the very same server the month issued! I asked the moderators and owner, and they claimed the icon of Based God as "not anime". Well I have come to this station, and these mods are nerd-ass liars. The people of the server agreed with my stances and beliefs of Lil B.
2018 photos from Lil B The Based God

And this is not even speaking for the amount of spite and hatred for a mere anime avatar on social media data silos outward. I was betrayed by users everywhere, from internet 'mutuals' to random users online. Once again I was being attacked for presenting new ideas. That new idea, #based avatars.

"Is this Running?" and Ten Notes For Idaho



These are about ten pages of lined papers that I have been taking notes on for the past month. Ideally, I would be able to directly scan these pages, but this is not possible for now. The family household has chosen and obtained a worse printer than the previous one. Nothing like moving from a long-lasting printer that's soldiered on for over a decade with a rickety All-In-One plastic kludge. This is mere digression.

Since scanning is not possible, I will instead transcribe with eyes from paper to digital. While nowhere near possible to transplant it, some stuff can be embellished by way of font changes, boldings, and italics and whatnot. Religious content is more or less the big through line, with the first part coming as a preliminary. This has also got some personal topics streaming through.

Now that this is out of the way, the writes.


Is this Running?

 Gel pens are odd. Might also be called 'rollerballs', I believe. They are pens in the same vein as 'ballpoints': cheap to manucature, and commonly disposable.
  A notable distinction between these two forms of common pens, is the very liquid used to write. A ballpoint pen (like the BIC Blue pen I am using at this moment) has rollingball tip at the 'nib down' position. nxlu The roller is attuned to a stricter, more firm give of hand pressure needed. Because of the stronger forced needed just to put a writing utensil to a sheet of lined paper is unnecessarily exhausting or straining. This strain g doesn't come from nowhere, as I've been using ballpoint pens for over a decade of my life now. Elementary, Middle, High School, or unemployment, hand strain has always been a constant factor. A theory is that left-handedness requires an extra effort. The reasoning is that as more force is expended, writing in time with multiple constant minutes, literu the wrist & fingers become more strained. This rollerball is currently used on this sentence the previous sentence fragment.


"2019: "Love Never Fails"!"

 'Love never fais while oneaan oh no no no loving while uh under tough trials & hdlbnpr
Hon cam: ma The
lol lslj Genesis 37: 2-11; 18-36
1 John,      These notes are a mess
Phil. 12:4,             oh no
Philligighs 1:9,    Prov 31:30
Mistrust of worldly knowledge. All examples given all examples of Collective Individualism. The forms of  beldengn television serials, tentpole, movies are all passive Spectacle.
E E [PJr voice] Imagine my shock.
God love walkthrough: love jesus to love god & loves requires following the words. Obey == love John 13:34 'a statement/commandment'

  Still not conclusive on the state of the annual conventions. Every day for these gatherings makes me contemplate the lives & processions, routines in other christian churches. Words. Words that change with a shift in seasons and weather. With or in speed of the surrounding of what uhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Spiritual Nourishment J [Incoherent block of black] physical nutrition.


2wo (2) [Two]

This is a rollerball pen // \\\\/\| /_\
This is a rollerball pen     finestip
  This is a gel pen [Initials] 
Yet in the same oratory or lecture based  turn of the verbal word.
People attemt to restored.
The stories cannot be a cure all 厼 for the sense or scoles of conflict. This is more than just
   When you try to explain science but only |||||
watched ten minutes of "Cosmos". I need |||||||||
to read the cryptochamomile audio file, ||||||||||
that would be genuinely interesting. All of the science clips are essentially recycling middle school biology. The narrator is just stating facts with minimal context and say "god's not dead 2". Congregation protection receiving disciple time zone anti-fragile by Taleb and the LessWrong Click. I can't tell if the final lecture is being screencasted from the other side makes it better or worse...
The stage is completely empty. I am steadily running out of inab ink for the pen. This may be a side-effect from the amount of ink that has been spilled on this very website called Reality. 


 3 (III) [Three]

//..// The story of Idaho is not the most well-historied. Much in the spirit of Oregon's early history, it can be reasonably shot & predicted as the case of 
European settlers come to less clustered & dense land. While I may have not read "Settlers" yet nor lived in Idaho for multiple consecutive years, this can be correlated from the history of the other states. Is the history of states so isolated that all & every region's actions && telling graan for the sense of flcr.' Many things from American History do not occur in vaccums of choices, descisons and livlihoods.//..//

   Respek your elders for the Real Ones!!!
New family, New Skin, for New Light and New mindsets. We need the JW braintrust.
"Display Unfailing Love in the Ministry": Foreign Residents. Support The Fugees. Leviticus 19:34; Romans 15:7
Step 1(uno) (one) - Have an empathy, man!
Step 2 (dos) (two) - HDo an Assistance
Step 3: Spiritual Support          "Open ur heart" crush 50
Step 4: spend time & resources                sonic adventurer


IV (good interval btw) (4our) [4] {four{}

Challenge 0: Chip's Challenge
Challenge 1: The Shutterfly-Fluttershy Pipeline
- something about Jeremiah & Jonah
- further misreadings & judgings of Live And Death, "literally on Death Row" and vocal banalities. You are not a Great Prophet. You are not The Most Important Mediator of Jerusalem. Your mame name is Jared, working an AMC Theater. The showings for the new "Ben-Hur" movie have brought in nobody. Having a melty in the singular space on area does not have the same magnitude in or martyrdom* or classical heroism of death on the line.
Challenge 3: "Ima tired" - Mario, Mario 64 (N64)
- something abt literal & physical tiredness, as well as spiritual exhauston
- the parent gets mad w/ road rage in the city streets
- Paul and the jailer more like Idah Ishia Isaiah and the dissenters
- "I'm not interested" but the person is yelling LOL
-  Wanna play some Outer Wilds/Worlds man
- Wonder what "3Dtestosterone" will end up beings. Is it a Worlds.com successor? Active Worlds? Talkworld?


V (5ive) (Five) the Dominant interval in functional harmony [5]

- LoL 808 trap snare Like a cowbell ///// [Initials]
- hey uh..... I will try this page right handed
- "baptism is like marriage the braintrust Mensa led discourse ssssssssssssssssssss super yeah
- 🎓tassel for cornet and viola. see the enclosed in a superstructure what? cursive cursive cursive cursive a a a j a Can there be a single asset of ambidexterous writing wwwwwwww a q aaaaaapaaaaaaagaaaaaaand were back. Oh no. Orgn Organization now interviewing a African branch members. The subtitles are too small to read, and their accents are too thick to hear easily. And here comes the marimbas. Feels like my brain is starting to fry from the sheer weather & time elapsed. From attempting to write with my right hand, to imt intermittently move towards cursive momentsl yeah, moments with cursive. Okay right hand time now. Now that the presentation (read: haur-bug hour-long JW Broadcast) is over for now. My right hand now hurts like nothing else today. While it was mildly annoying earlier today,



- 'sip yes]
- How many things are lost in translation with these multinational examples?
- The historical drama had dramatization, but with an awkward chimera of 'christian cinema' and a level of wooden-ness.
- 🎶Shattered Dreams🎶
- 3,990 in attendance

//..// Day 2 //..//
- the soundstate of the area has a notable HVAC noise that runs behind & above the seating. The speaker has enough treble & volume to hear the mass reverberation. There is enogh enough reflections to bring the ground floor speakar speakers to the horizon edge, to a metal-shredding feedback, heavily on the higher end.
- An ocean of conversation surrounds a person. The number in wording words d become so dense as to collapse upon itself, generatin this noise. White noise, blue noise, pink noise, some sort of generative noise, is what it most resembles. Bit But one can still hemr sense of voices in the terms of fragments. If one has seen the power of granular synthesis, it can be understood in their manner.



- can't do a 'rude ledger'
- "Jew's Rock!" vs "Gay 4 Jews" Celebrity Boxing Match for epic comedy gold
- [An abstract sketch of a disembodied head floating in emptiness]
                [ironyguy voice] "hope is cope"
              hehe p cope *5 posts later*
        3             "fellas, is love a cope?"
1 Cor. 13:7 lovegift
(Ps 119:165) "Great peace have those who love your law; nothing can make them stumble" (NRSV) Future plan to see an explanation of Psalm 119's length.
- when you don't realize the meaning behind "single point of failure"
- "love never fails"
- bad water salination analogy
- Stereolab w/ 'Intermittent Burst of Skits'
- Introduction with lip-service to Information Age, all examples from before even ARPANET existed
- Vietnam War, American & Vietnamese soldiers each
- entire clip lasts less than a miere minute
- "love or hatred of other people == children of the devil"
(1st John 2:15-21)
- Even more of jaming jamming a square peg in a round hold so hard that it gets permanently lodged inside the insides.
"Love unique to God" homosecks confirmed for true christians



t. 'love trump's hate'
(Matt. 6:14-15)Random-Noise Transient Noise-Skit Bursts With Announcements
- Living. Growing up as a Jch in a family of Jehovah's Witnesses is much like a house on the outer edge of the 10 or 25 year flood zone. And because the group surveying flood potential has lost more budgetary expenses and ventures every year, the numbers have ma been out of date for far-out longer there has been an increasing amount of water damage. For the disintegrating foundations all that is done is merely dollops of expired buckets of Bondo. The cracks appear filled and hardened at the most peripheral vision, but even the a more firm-than-usual examination showed purely a cosmetic change.
- One could send the organization-made films to multiple film critics, from columnist to amateurs. Could argue for their unique element or quality.
  - le ripped garments
      - Can be distilled to 'religious talkies' or 'Lifetime Family Movies but for JWs'
- God Forgives even over 9000 times
    - Clip about Love ends with sudden FBI raid & ded



- Hey remember when the Footboots from the Book of Daniel stood for Britain and the USA? Or was it the US and the Soviets? uhhhh America and the European Union? How about China? India? Nigeria? idk lol man
- Al Gore didn't create the internet, Daniel did.
- 1,890 attending from screencast talk
- 5-6k baptisms (just ignore the retention rate guys)
- Im T A new song was played & I am shaken to the core. This literally sounds just like CCM, right down to the aggressively digital multitracking. This is *NOT* the same organization I was raised into. This is the fuel that disillusionment is made of.

4,175 attended. Idaho
20 baptized.

  The past five to ten minuters have been the most truest out-of-body experience. Every year continues to slide down the quantic chute fom from this contemporary hellzone or clown world, whichever one chooses, if you will.



  It's been a week since the convention event. The mind shas been stuck on the last minutes of the event again and again. Is this what the Governing Body truely wants? Is this what all 6 million to 7 million publishers really want? Like the Roger Waters album cover, is this the life we really want? Is this what the grand Judeo-Christian god really wants? Nev H The last time my soul was this crushed and drained of hope was when the Grey Book re-retranslation was revealed. V Every chance that I've been majority conciouss of since a the earliest of adolescence, has been a net negative after that. And This was before I was anywhere near entrenched in the online world.

  I have some soul-searching to do now. The JW Organization isn't getting any more helpful now, and shasn't been. At this point of my spiritual life now, I am on my own now. My next step (beyond a simple job) is to visit a majority churches where I am residing now.


(Thank you for reading.)

December 30, 2018

Where Do We Go Now: Why Delete Facebook

I think it's mostly a given that not too many people care about what I have done on Facebook. Facebook (as known to the majority of the world at large) is merely the big thing where your family members or relatives or your boss is posting photos or text. A supervisor posing with their spouse, with the kids cased with glee.
I honestly hope to god that some of the people reading this have heard of the absolutely scummy and deceptive actions the Facebook corporation has enacted. A/B testing users to deliberately invoking suicide in users, hiding real actions to replace with sponsored content, collecting information about your personal identity without even registering your own Facebook account, lying under the dozens of faces and names in court. And it's more than just Mark Zuckerberg alone. Their Lead Attorney had also lied under oath when answering questions from Congress.

Facebook has confirmed to have worked with the military state by providing personal information of over billions of human lives. Recently leaked email exchanges from early as 2012 confirm employees of attempting to take down competing services and platforms. In fact, one of the descriptions for a certain kind of platform

The number one threat to Facebook is not another scale social network, it is the fracturing of information / death by a thousand vertical apps which are loosely integrated together - FB exec Sam Lessin to Mark Zuckerberg, 2012

I opened a Facebook account in late 2016 after years of pressure and arguably the presence of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) from the immense Networking Effect that having over 2 Billion products Users. I believed that needing access to all of these people was such an absolute necessity just to grow my own personal brand. Every quarter of the year I was proven wrong. Those not on Facebook were more proactive, reaching out to actual blogs and websites. People that understood the game of Internet Virality more than anything I could perform.

I have had enough of Facebook. I have had enough of yet another wasteful online account. Another chance for Silicon Valley to mine information from the most sensitive of subjects and topics and thoughts. At this point, I would much rather put my (Web of) Trust in collectives of hobbyists and non-profits, instead of a "Social News Aggregate" that does nothing but bend towards the wishes of federal intelligence, shareholders, and the military state, with little to no regard of making a proper website. Instead Facebook cares more

So, where will I be now? WhatsApp and Instagram are owned by Facebook, with the latter already having some recent controversial changes. WhatsApp also had broken compatibility with other programs using the same Communication Protocol (OWS), which a program like Signal has successfully implemented for years at this point with no hitches.

I've still my website at http://harney-barrow.pw/. It also works dual-purpose as a cleaned up portfolio of my current work, with links to other websites where I keep my art and more.

But for the time being, I am still own a Twitter account with the handle @Harney_Barrow . Keep in mind that the mentality for this account is far more different, and less inhibited when it comes to discussing topics. Plus I already have got a handful of bones to pick with Twitter (though nowhere near as much as YouTube).

I have an account of the platform pleroma.site with the account name "@HarneyBA@pleroma.site". Pleroma is just strung along with hundreds of thousands of other fellow servers, bringing back the pre-Social Media Trust in users. In terms of network design, it's like how cells attach and clump together, or counting the individual corners and segments of a spider web one-by-one. I'm not a PROFESSIONAL WEBMASTER, so my information is corroborated from multiple people and conjecture from my experience with programming.

Thank you for reading.