February 15, 2017

200e - Self-Titled (2012)

200e - Self-Titled (2012)

To kick things off on "Other Peoples Music", I'm starting off with this neat little 17-minute long EP from a short-lived(?) band out of Pendleton, Oregon. While I'm not exactly the biggest guy for all things folk, but this sort of downbeat folk rock is quite easy to get down with. Love how the vocals harmonize halfway through 'Familiar Hand', helping the song hold up a heavier weight possible. The track 'Made For This' I can easily recommend it for those looking for a breezy-ish folk music, but with how short the EP goes through, I'd recommend anybody to try to listen to it. All of the tracks are all still quite the pleasant listening.

But don't fret my darling
Being unfamiliar is the fun part
the rest is worthout(?) makes us happy
all the cigarettes will be had, they will not fill me needed
there is nothing more for you, I want them lung cancer

- 200e, Made For This

Thank you for reading. This was hopefully the first piece in the Other Peoples Music series, where I share and showoff what other groups have done. For what is technically my first 'official' post of original writing, it is quite rudimentary, to be frank. Though to not be dour, I'm sure of myself that I'll eventually pick up in writing quality.
See you soon!