March 21, 2017

State Of The Enterprise H1 2017

Hello, this has been an unfortunately inactive time of the year for me. I am fully well and aware of several things that have gone off-rails and into multiple timed delays. This can be attributed to two primary reasons:

The Website


Despite the unreasonably long time I had dumped into creating the 'ultimate' BlogSpot (Yes I still call it BlogSpot, get over it) layout, I now realize how much more time is needed for the publicity of a 'landing page'. Having a subtitle of '','', '' is far less concise than "". This motive is exactly why I am taking it into my own hands to host my own website, speeds and runtime be damned. I'm currently a likely candidate of attaining a low-powered Ivy Bridge Pentium desktop, which I may be able to repurpose as a low-powered server (via underclocking/undervolting and installing CentOS). I have yet to buy a domain yet though, but I'd have to require out of having no budget to purchase a cheap '.us' domain, as something like "" is far too much out of my price range.

The current (and most functional) prototype so far.
Beyond the website's domain, the layout was far more troublesome rather than a mere nuisance. I am not a clever person, so I attempted to landing page that cly5m/ uses (his website's got a really nice layout), before realizing that I knew absolutely nothing about CSS or JavaScript. So I trashed the autofish prototype, and am now just churning something out in SeaMonkey's own built-in Dreamweaver knockoff. It's okay for what it does.

The Failed Prototype
I tried to tie in the grand re-opening through a 'quick' Youtube video announcing both the Youtube channel and the main website itself, but then I remembered that I should've had the actual website running first. The actual video itself is pretty much finished at this point, excluding any mentions of the website.

The Youtube

Making videos on Linux is perfectly doable now (in theory). I used Kdenlive for those videos currently up on Youtube, and it works pretty nicely. The only problem is that when it isn't 'working nicely', it's busy disabling mouse usage and crashing while editing 720p video. So virtually all of my videos must be done and worked on in 480p. Even despite those problems, Kdenlive still frequently hangs/freezes and disables my mouse, forcing me to close it via keyboard shortcuts. I do have to admit caution in that I'm currently using Fedora Linux right now, so being this close to upstream might have some deal in the hand, as well as me not being the greatest OS maneuver-er.

So that wraps up most of the blockades done in my path, in an extreme distillation and 'condensed' form. I have the greatest gratitude to those following on social media or other artworks, for the 'earliest backers' are undoubtedly one of the biggest motivations right now, and may help to even gain more 'inertia'.
Thank you for reading.