December 23, 2017

State of the Enterprise H2 2017

Well, it's been some time since the last update. Not much to say beyond "I'm busy." I'm out in the wide world now, but there isn't much you can do without this ephemeral unicorn called rural unskilled employment. I'll still try to fill you guys in on what's been on the backburner so far.

The Website

I purchased a domain name a few months ago, to finally get a home page that doesn't die under the half-baked Google Sites chimera. The problems that reach me now is for me to finish up this current design I've got for it all.

Harney-Barrow prototype website, December 2017
Just wrangling with the CSS on the sidebars was a nightmare of cross-referencing W3Schools and Mozilla MDN on making a faint similarity to a design. 
And just when I am nearing the finale of this struggle, I stumble across the home website of Cryptic Sea.

Cryptic Sea website
I may have been just overthinking the 'by-scratch' business too far. The current plan years later now is to just get something basic. Could try learning all of that Wordpress business ecosystem stuff. Just even barely grazing the surface of webdev is an exercise in agonizing repetition.

The Media

The quest for rural payroll has taken its toll on the productivity. On top of this, I exchanged the KX Studio Linux distro out of my laptop for rolling with a dip in Red Hat's sphere with Fedora and CentOS. Some beginning setup was a bit of a hassle, like adding my username to the JACK group so I could actually operate Bitwig Studio. On the other hand, opening up Audacity and swinging up guitar chords and words can't be beat in simplicity.

Two out of four keyboards have been sold, but the size is a bit trouble some with the large dimensions of the keyboards. Cutting up two or more boxes with incur extra fees for 'irregular box shape', so that's something I'll never attempt.

With the jump to Fedora, all of the short-term OBS settings I had were reset, so that will delay working with livestreams and video recordings.

In a final gasp for the year, a short, seasonal folk EP will be out before December ends.


I'm busy. hire me mcdonalds

Thank you for reading.


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